OSI Ultimate Frisbee

OSI Ultimate Frisbee is a club for everyone interested in Ultimate Frisbee, whether you are a student or not, whether you have been playing for years, or never touched a disc before and whether you are here for good or just visiting for an exchange-semester. Our players range from national team-members to beginners, and everyone is welcome! 


OSI Ultimate always attends the Norwegian Ultimate Series and the National Championship (5 tournaments), as well as one or two international tournaments in Europe if possible. Any member of our club is welcome to join us in these tournaments, and we have no skill-cap.


Becoming a member


Membership fee is 415 NOK per semester. It includes OSI membership fee (135 NOK, because OSI Ultimate is part of the larger "OSI") and Ultimate Frisbee club fee (280 NOK). Those fees are not required to join the first few practices, as in we won't throw you out if you haven't paid, but will be required after a certain date. The membership fees are the clubs main source of income, and every krone goes back to you, the players, in the form of gear and props for practice, tournament fees etc.


Our practices are at SiO Athletica gyms, which you will need separate subscription to access. The fee is about 180 NOK per month for students and includes access to every SiO gym in Oslo. Check out prices, terms and conditions for more details.

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Our Practice times

Domus Athletica, Indoor

      Friday 17:00 - 19:00

Domus Athletica, Outdoor 

      (Not until after winter / When the outdoor field opens)

      (Tuesday 17:00-18:45)

Domus Athletica is located at Trimveien 4, 0372 Oslo

Blinder Athletica is located at Problemveien 13, 0313 Oslo


The Board


The board of the club currently consists of 5 motivated members with a desire to make the club both fun and welcoming, as well as a force to be reckoned with in the Norwegian Ultimate-scene.