Covid19 and OSI Ultimate Frisbee

Postet av Ultimate Frisbee den 25. Aug 2020

Covid19 canceled NM and then made it impossible for us to arrange practices. But now, we have been given green light to dust off the disc and start throwing! But there are guidelines we need to follow listed below:

  • Before joining the practice, make sure that one of the two responsible for infection control have you registered with email and phone number. 
    • The responsible are either mentioned in the arrangement post, or you can get to them through the coaches. 
  • Stay at a meter distance at all times. 
    • A corona foul has been implemented as a game rule, a breach and you will be called out.
  • Drink only from your water bottle 
  • Use only the wardrobes associated with the hall the practice takes place in. 
  • Sanitize hands and discs between games and or sessions. 
  • Sanitize everything after practice is done

We also need to be out of the center when the practice time we have is over, we cannot stay longer. If you show ANY symptoms, you need to tell one of the two responsible, they will sort the rest. 

Hope to see you at practice! Any questions can be sent to our mail


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