TrønDisk 2017

Postet av Ultimate Frisbee den 7. Nov 2017

This weekend, November 4.-5., 10 players representing OSI Ultimate played the first tournament in the Norwegian Series: TrønDisk in Trondheim. The tournament was one of the bigger tournaments Norway has seen with 12 teams battling it out on two fields, but also one of the most even, as was quickly evident. We played several tight matches that could have tipped either way, and gave every team we met a run for their money. 

Of 7 matches, we ended up winning 5. Three during the group-stage and both of our placement matches. This put us on a final 5th place! For a student team, this is something to be proud of. We are showing the Ultimate community that we are capable of fighting for top placements, and that we are not a team to underestimate!

Our matches and results were as follows, in chronological order:

Group stage:

  • OSI 12 - 5  La Bamba
  • OSI  8 - 10 Pancake & Waffles
  • OSI  8 - 10 BSI 1
  • OSI 11 - 9  TFK 1
  • OSI 13 - 2  NHHI 2

Placement matches:

  • OSI 12 - 7  NHHI 1
  • OSI 10 - 8  Pancake & Waffles

The tournament was live streamed from one field, and the matches with commentary are now available on YouTube if you want to catch up. The matches from the other field was also recorded, but not commented, and will be available on the same YouTube-channel in the coming days.

A big thank you to the team for making the weekend an amazing one:

Vilde Marita Borgerud Elvestrøm (our esteemed captain!), Lisa Ritter, Rianna Ledwos, Daniel Herman, Ole Rabbel, Henry Fronk, Erik Levén, Jonathan Gerth, Matthias Himmelmann and Henrik Bjoner Lie.

Every player on our team contributed to the final results, everyone did amazing cuts and throws, everyone did horrible mistakes and everyone learned a lot during the two days we had in 'Stache City.



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