Covid19 and OSI Ultimate Frisbee

Postet av Ultimate Frisbee den 25. Aug 2020

Covid19 canceled NM and then made it impossible for us to arrange practices. But now, we have been given green light to dust off the disc and start throwing! But there are guidelines we need to follow listed below:

  • Before joining the practice, make sure that one of the two responsible for infection control have you registered with email and phone number. 
    • The responsible are either mentioned in the arrangement post, or you can get to them through the coaches. 
  • Stay at a meter distance at all times. 
    • A corona foul has been implemented as a game rule, a breach and you will be called out.
  • Drink only from your water bottle 
  • Use only the wardrobes associated with the hall the practice takes place in. 
  • Sanitize hands and discs between games and or sessions. 
  • Sanitize everything after practice is done

We also need to be out of the center when the practice time we have is over, we cannot stay longer. If you show ANY symptoms, you need to tell one of the two responsible, they will sort the rest. 

Hope to see you at practice! Any questions can be sent to our mail

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Open Practices and Social Events

Postet av Ultimate Frisbee den 20. Aug 2018

Hello and welcome, new and old players! 

This is to inform you about our four open practices taking place the coming two weeks. The practices are aimed at giving new players a chance to try Ultimate before committing to the sport, as well as introducing the club and its current players. The practices are held at the following times:

  • Monday, August 27th, 16.00 - 17.30 at Domus Athletica.
  • Wednesday, August 29th, 16.00 - 17.30 at Blindern Athletica.
  • Monday, September 3rd, 16.00 - 17.30 at Domus Athletica.
  • Wednesday, September 5th, 16.00 - 17.30 at Blindern Athletica.

To join the open practice, simply show up at the reception and look for a frisbee. We'll give you access and show you the way from there. Don't forget your running gear and water!

In addition to practice, our newly elected socialist, Ricarda, is already hard at work creating events for us. The first one being the "Semesterstartsfest", Saturday, September 1st at beautiful Sognsvann! This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your new teammates better. See the calendar for more information.


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We are preparing for next season 2018-19!

Postet av Ultimate Frisbee den 13. Jul 2018

Hei alle sammen/Hei everyone!

After a heavily successful spring, we are currently making preparations for the season 2018/19 starting in mid-August! There will be two indoor practices per week this autumn:

Mondays 16-1730 (Domus Athletica)
Wednesdays 16-1730 (Blindern Athletica)

We will also play outdoors for as long as possible, stay tuned for more info!

All skill levels are welcome, and don't hesitate to write us via mail or on Facebook!

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DecemberCup 2017

Postet av Ultimate Frisbee den 12. Des 2017

The first weekend of December is, traditionally, filled with Ultimate in Fjellhammerhallen just outside of Oslo, and this year was no exception. OSI sent two balanced teams to the one-day tournament, and both teams had a lot of good games! Here follows a quick recap of the day, from the perspective of Jonathan from OSI 1 and Henrik from OSI 2:

OSI 1 played 6 matches on Saturday, finishing with 3 wins and 3 losses in 7th place, only one place behind our good pals on OSI 2. Our team grew together as we played alongside each other. Everyone on our team made plenty of throws, catches, and scores, and we also all made mistakes that we learned from. Our best game had to be the first of two games against La Bamba. We went out with intensity and fire and showed how we could play Ultimate. Especially after our rough defeat to Pancake, we still kept our heads up and came back out to play.

The team: Eirik Isene (the captain), Ole Rabbel (the other captain), Jonathan Gerth (the shadow captain), Harry Fronk, Lin GuoShiuan, Matthias Himmelmann, Sitara Hajizada, and Rianna Ledwos.

Everybody got to do everything and helped contribute to the team’s victories through great throws, consistent catches, and positive spirit!

OSI 2 started great with victories in their two first games versus the PickUp team and Ekeberg. With spirits and confidence high, TFK were on the opposing side in game three. They were ready for their revenge after OSI's victory against them in their home city of Trondheim in November, and proved to be too strong this time. In the last game in the group stage we faced Pancake & Waffles (Pancake 2) who also had revenge on their minds after TrønDisk. After a great, well-spirited game with impressive plays and impressive mistakes from both teams, the baked goods ended up on top. This put us on 3rd in our group, and La Bamba from Gothenburg were up next in the first finals game. After an intense game where the teams followed each other closely for the first 15 minutes we managed to get a grip on our play and took the win. The last game was then again against Ekeberg, for 5th place. ESK, having learnt from their first game against us, were fighting harder this time and none of the teams managed to get a good lead. It came down to universe point... which Ekeberg snatched from us. Thus we finished 6th in this edition of DecemberCup!

Thank you to everyone on the team for making the tournament another great one: Erik Levén, Lisa Ritter, Vilde Marita Borgerud Elvestrøm (captain), Daniel Herman, Sverre Løyland, Jonas Kolding, Henrik Bjoner Lie (the eternal leader).

OSI 1 during DecemberCup 2017

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TrønDisk 2017

Postet av Ultimate Frisbee den 7. Nov 2017

This weekend, November 4.-5., 10 players representing OSI Ultimate played the first tournament in the Norwegian Series: TrønDisk in Trondheim. The tournament was one of the bigger tournaments Norway has seen with 12 teams battling it out on two fields, but also one of the most even, as was quickly evident. We played several tight matches that could have tipped either way, and gave every team we met a run for their money. 

Of 7 matches, we ended up winning 5. Three during the group-stage and both of our placement matches. This put us on a final 5th place! For a student team, this is something to be proud of. We are showing the Ultimate community that we are capable of fighting for top placements, and that we are not a team to underestimate!

Our matches and results were as follows, in chronological order:

Group stage:

  • OSI 12 - 5  La Bamba
  • OSI  8 - 10 Pancake & Waffles
  • OSI  8 - 10 BSI 1
  • OSI 11 - 9  TFK 1
  • OSI 13 - 2  NHHI 2

Placement matches:

  • OSI 12 - 7  NHHI 1
  • OSI 10 - 8  Pancake & Waffles

The tournament was live streamed from one field, and the matches with commentary are now available on YouTube if you want to catch up. The matches from the other field was also recorded, but not commented, and will be available on the same YouTube-channel in the coming days.

A big thank you to the team for making the weekend an amazing one:

Vilde Marita Borgerud Elvestrøm (our esteemed captain!), Lisa Ritter, Rianna Ledwos, Daniel Herman, Ole Rabbel, Henry Fronk, Erik Levén, Jonathan Gerth, Matthias Himmelmann and Henrik Bjoner Lie.

Every player on our team contributed to the final results, everyone did amazing cuts and throws, everyone did horrible mistakes and everyone learned a lot during the two days we had in 'Stache City.


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